Looking Around

Rudis Hotel, located on the coast of Güzelbahçe Narlıdere, is a country hotel with its seaside location, while at the same time offers business hotel features with its city centre location.

While staying in Rudis, you can walk by the sea in the early morning, you can visit the beaches of Güzelbahçe and Urla by bicycle which you can obtain from our hotel, you can do your work in Izmir and its surroundings during the day and in the evening you can swim right in front of our hotel. You can also taste our Aegean dishes in our restaurant and enjoy the quiet and calm while sipping your drink

Güzelbahçe Fish Case and the restaurants and cafes on the coast within walking distance, may be some of the activities that will color your evenings.

İzmir, Konak

You can reach Izmir Konak with a 20-minute car ride, use the public transportation that passes in front of our hotel on your trip, visit the whole city or reach the airport using the transit tram, metro, ferry and ferry vehicles.

You can visit the Historical Clock Tower, Kemeraltı Bazaar, Kızlarağası Inn, Agora, Kültürpark, Kordan or Karsiyaka Bazaar and participate in all activities in the city without your private car.


While being welcomed as a guest at Rudis Deluxe Hotel, you can reach Urla with a 10-minute ride after breakfast, spend a unique day at Urla, Çeşmealti and Urla Pier, you can participate traditional vintage festivities and artichoke festival in its date and discover the unique nature and tastes of the Aegean

Çeşme, Alaçatı

You can reach Alaçatı, Turkey’s favorite holiday resort, after a 30-minute trip, enjoy surfing in Alaçatı Bay or visit Alaçatı Bazaar, where there are authentic stone houses, enjoy the Aegean herbs in the traditional ot festival or have a drink in Hacımemiş.…
You can enjoy the sea in Ilica, famous for its warm sea and long beach, shop in Çeşme Marina, have fun in the evening at the beach clubs in Ayayorgi Bay and return to our hotel after a short trip…

alaçatı sokaklar
alaçatı surf


You can reach Karaburun, the newly discovered charming town of the Aegean with its Virgin bays and unique nature in a 40-minute car ride, taste the most delicious seafood of the Aegean in Karaburun Harbour, enjoy the quiet and calm after a day, you can return to our hotel in a short time…


After only a 20-minute ride from Rudis Hotel, you can reach Seferihisar “Cittaslow ” (slow city), visit the historical castle in Sığacık, explore local products, join daily boat trips, surf or visit Teos Ancient City.…